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Telefon Monterski


Intrinsically safe assembling telephone sets can operate in difficult industrial conditions at extensive humidity and high degree of dustiness. They have been designed particularly for the mine communication services supervising the tele-technical intrinsically safe networks. They may be connected to any intrinsically safe subscriber’s telephone lines, including among others Devices of Intrinsically Safe Telephony UTI, local communication systems ITS, STG and LSTI-A, and Integrated System of Telephone and Dispatchers Emergency and Loudspeaking Communication STAR. The ITM telephone set enables checking the lines and equipment of intrinsically safe separation trough connecting with the telephone exchange, after entering any subscriber’s line, as well as for receiving a calling signal by the use of optical and acoustic signaling device.


With any telephone exchange by the intermediary of intrinsically safe separation units LPI, ZSD, ZSB or ZSI with the subscriber’s lines of SAT or STAR systems.

Power supply

Central from intrinsically safe separation units LPI, ZSD, ZSB or ZSI.

ITM technical data

Power supplyfrom subscriber's lines
Nominal signal level0 dBm
Direct current resistanceca. 800Ω
Input impedanceca. 600Ω
Anti-local effect attenuationmin. 15 dB
DialingPM / DTMF
Optical calling signalLED
Casing protection degreeIP54
Dimensions300x70x80 mm
Weightca. 0.6 kg
Operating temperature rangefrom -20 to +40° C