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łączność Szybowa
Telefon Górniczy Iskrobezpieczny


Local ITS system has been designed to enable the organization of telephone communication in mines’ shafts where there are hazardous conditions of methane air atmosphere of any concentration. It enables: connecting and carrying out a telephone conversation within the automatic traffic (CBa) by telephone sets TIG-S, of the main signaler with the level signalmen and another way round, signalmen between themselves, as well as signalmen with the elevator machinist, and the machinist with signalmen, direct (button MW) calling of the machinist from any shaft telephone set TIG-S, immediate direct connection of the machinist with any signal post equipped with a TIG telephone set, the possibility to set a conference connection by the machinist or from the authorized telephone set, the possibility of joining the third party to the conversation on the background of the warning signal, from any shaft telephone set which is connected to the system.

Power supply

Buffered – 48V DC


  • up to 16 NN intrinsically safe
  • up to 4 NN non intrinsically safe
Possibility to upgrade by additional 16NN intrinsically safe.

Surface equipment

ITS rack consisting of:

  • SLICAN CCT 1668 (or alternative) telephone exchange
  • intrinsically safe circuits distribution frame
  • non intrinsically safe circuits distribution frame
  • 230 V AC/48V DC converter
  • 48/48 V DC converter
  • set of maintenance-free batteries
  • intrinsically safe separation units ZSI
  • operator’s telephone set

Shaft equipment

  • intrinsically safe mining telephones TIG-S custom made for the ITS system
  • alternatively – Intrinsically safe industrial broadcasting telephone PST custom made for the ITS system

The system is also available in non intrinsically safe version – TS, equipped with industrial telephones TPN or  industrial broadcasting telephones PST-N

TIG technical data

MarkingI M1 ExiaI Ma, II 1G Exia IIC T5 Ga
Power supplycentral from intrinsically safe separation units ZSD (ZSI)
Polarity of the subscriber's lineany
Power consumptionca. 23mA
Input impedance600 Ω
Nominal signal level0 dBm
Local effect attenuation coefficientmin. 16 dB
Calling signal loudness levelmin. 90 dB from 1 m distance
DialingPM / DTMF
Numbers memoryredialing up to 32 digits
direct access memory - 3 x 16 digits
indirect access memory - 10 x 16 digits
Optical calling signalvisible from long distance
Casing protection degreeIP65
Dimensions275x140x90 mm
Weightca. 2.5 kg
Operating temperatures rangefrom -40 to +40 ° C

PST technical data

MarkingI M1 Ex ia I or II 2G Ex ia IIB T4
Power supplycentral from intrinsically safe separation units LPI
Calling unit supplyfrom intrinsically safe battery 0.7Ah/12V
Nominal signal level0 dBm
DialingPM / DTMF
Permissible voltage at the two-stage outputmax.24V
Permissible current at the two-stage outputmax. 50mA
Coefficient of anti local effectmin. 16 dB
Permissible surroundings noisemax. 80dB
Loudness of signal sound (from 1m distance)min. 90 dB
Minimum operating time at messages broadcasting2h
Subscriber's connection attenuationmax. 12dB
Optical calling signalvisible from long distance
Casing protection levelIP65
Dimensions520x253x110 mm
Weightca. 5 kg
Operating temperature rangefrom -40 to +40 ° C