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UTS-T system is designed to collect information about statuses of analogue and binary sensors, located underground, used to monitor alternate processes. Data collected by the sensors is transferred to visualisation system located on the surface of mines in the dispatcher’s room.


The system enables control of underground devices from the mine surface (dispatcher’s room), as well as:

  • detection of state of sensors of any type,
  • remote power supply and detection of state of bipolar sensors with transistor output
  • remote power supply of any bipolar sensor if its consumption is less than 6V and 500uA
  • galvanic separation of sets of sensors connected to the station and from transmission line of UTS-T system
  • connection to the output another UTS-T station of any type
  • detection of damage of station connected to transmission line output
  • automatic detachment of damaged station and automatic reconnection after repair
  • detection of state of sensors of any type with voltage output 0.4-2V
  • providing power supply to analogue sensors of any type, detection and tracking damages