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Telefony Iskrobezpieczne


TIG intrinsically safe telephone sets operating in SAT, PTI, LSTI-A, ITS systems have been designed for exploitation in hard industrial conditions, including mining (extensive humidity, noise, dustiness, explosion hazard) in rooms of I group of explosion, category M1 and II group, categories 1, 2 and 3.


With the station equipment of SAT, PTI, LSTI-A, ITS devices, through the unit of intrinsically safe separation ZSD, ZSI.

Power supply

entral from SAT, PTI, LSTI-A, ITS devices.


TIGbasic version
TIG-Sversion with the optical signaling device
TIG-Dversion with the additional receiver
TIG-SDversion with the optical signaling device and additional receiver
TIG-*/CBversion without dialing keypad

TIG technical data

MarkingI M1 ExiaI Ma, II 1G Exia IIC T5 Ga
Power supplycentral from intrinsically safe separation units ZSD (ZSI)
Polarity of the subscriber's lineany
Power consumptionca. 23mA
Input impedance600 Ω
Nominal signal level0 dBm
Local effect attenuation coefficientmin. 16 dB
Calling signal loudness levelmin. 90 dB from 1 m distance
DialingPM / DTMF
Numbers memoryredialing up to 32 digits
direct access memory - 3 x 16 digits
indirect access memory - 10 x 16 digits
Optical calling signalvisible from long distance
Casing protection degreeIP65
Dimensions275x140x90 mm
Weightca. 2.5 kg
Operating temperatures rangefrom -40 to +40 ° C