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Skrzynka Teletechniczna


The line of telecommunications passage boxes STP.-. (STP10, STP16, STP24) has been designed to facilitate construction of the intrinsically safe and non- intrinsically safe versions of tele-technical installations. These boxes, according to the awarded certification, can be used for the telecommunication networks of mines in the areas with the explosion hazard degree of “a”, “b” and “c” (explosion group I) and at the industrial plants (coking, petrochemical and other) characterized by the high degree of explosion hazard (II group). The individually made STP boxes enable to place inside them, on the terminal strips of underground cables with the amount of bundles from 5x2x0,8 to 24x2x0,8, or other cables and conductors depending on the user’s needs. The connecting blocks used in the STP.-. boxes make possible of dividing cables of the ore intersection from 0,4 to 4 mm2. The individual tele-technical passage boxes belonging to the line of STP.-. differ only by the number and type of connecting blocks necessary to divide 5, 10, 16, 24 pairs of the underground telecommunication cable.

STP technical data

MarkingI M1 Ex ia I, II 1G Ex ia IIC T6
Dimensions275x140x90 mm
Weight1.8 kg
Casing protection degreeIP65
Operating temperatures rangefrom -40° to +40° C