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Telefon Górniczy Iskrobezpieczny


LSTI-A system carries out automatic telephone communication for the fast information flow between plant personnel and mine dispatcher (after pressing the button DYSP or ALARM) and sending the information and orders between the plant employees during the regular mine exploitation. It can be used as telephone communication system and emergency-loudspeaking system, as well as for the remote control of safety and production parameters in small working or liquidated methane and non-methane mining plants where the maximum number of underground facilities do not exceed 64 pieces, or as a local telephone communication system for the underground hauling. It can be also utilized at coke, chemical, petrochemical and other plants characterized by high degree of explosion hazard of the II group.

Power supply

Buffered – 48 or 60V DC.


  • any, in modules of 16 NN
  • standard – 64 NN

Surface equipment

  • line rack LST – equipped with telephone exchange, feeding system and non-spark safe circuits distribution frame
  • intrinsically safe separation rack  SSI – equipped with the intrinsically safe separation units ZSD, (LPI) or ZSI and intrinsically safe circuits distribution frame
  • buffer power supply rack ZZB – equipped with service-free batteries and telecommunication power station 220V AC/48V DC
  • dispatcher’s manipulator MD-1

Underground equipment

  • intrinsically safe mining telephones TIG and TIG-S (S – with optical signaling device) or industrial telephones TPN and TPN-S
  • intrinsically safe industrial broadcasting telephone PSR-I or PSR-N.
  • iintrinsically safe industrial broadcasting telephone PST or PST-N

TIG technical data

Marking I M1 ExiaI Ma, II 1G Exia IIC T5 Ga
Power supply central from intrinsically safe separation units ZSD (ZSI)
Polarity of the subscriber's line any
Power consumption ca. 23mA
Input impedance 600 Ω
Nominal signal level 0 dBm
Local effect attenuation coefficient min. 16 dB
Calling signal loudness level min. 90 dB from 1 m distance
Dialing PM / DTMF
Numbers memory redialing up to 32 digits
direct access memory - 3 x 16 digits
indirect access memory - 10 x 16 digits
Optical calling signal visible from long distance
Casing protection degree IP65
Dimensions 275x140x90 mm
Weight ca. 2.5 kg
Operating temperatures range from -40 to +40 ° C