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Wireless underground train location system WLSS is designed for monitoring precise location of trains in underground mines. The basic feature of the system is tracking current location of moving objects (trains) and visualisation on the screen. The location is monitored in real time with precision not worse than 3 meters and presented to the dispatcher in GIS/SCADA software.

The location is displayed on a vector map with additional information such as diagnostics of system elements, possible collision alarms etc. The system is scallable due to its module construction.

WLSS technical data

Tracking precisionmax. 3 m
Refresh timemax 5 s
Maximum size of the monitored areaunlimited
Voltage of uZist station230 V / 48 V / 12 V
max. power 10W
Voltage of CDU station12V
current consumption up to 100 mA