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Miernik Iskrobezpieczny


Intrinsically safe tele-technical meter type MIT is a universal device used for examining direct and alternating current parameters of underground telecommunication networks. It possesses all the functions necessary for evaluating efficiency of the telecommunication networks and the value of disturbances occurring in the lines.


  • measurement of isolation resistance and non-loaded line voltage (or loaded with the outer resistance 600 Ω)
  • serves as ohmmeter and megaohm-meter
  • serves as voltmeter of direct and alternating current
  • enables measurement of direct and alternating current after connecting the 1 Ωouter terminator
  • enables generation of 0dB sinusoidal signal from the range of 300 ÷ 4000 Hz


The meter is enclosed in a handy, portable casing, providing IP54 protection degree. The casing contains also a battery sufficient for minimum 8 hours of continuous operations. The measures as well as function messages are presented on the alphanumeric dot-matrix LCD. The meter operation is simple and intuitive, what makes the device a very handy tool. The meter is charged from SDL docking station.

MIT technical data

MarkingI M1 Ex ia I or II 2G Ex ia IIA T4
Measuring categorycat. I (acc. to PN EN 61010-1:2004)
DC volmetermeasuring range from 0 V to 60 V
AC voltmetermeasuring range from 0 V to 60 V
Level metermeasuring range from -90 dB to 37,78 dB
DC ammetermeasuring range from 0 A to 2 A
AC ammetermeasuring range from 0 A to 2 A
Ohmmetermeasuring range from 0 Ω to 2 MΩ
Megaohm-metermeasuring range from 100 kΩ to 2 GΩ
Generator:frequency range from 300 to 4000 Hz
Operating time min.8 h
Operating temperatures range0-40 °C
Permissible humiditymax. 93 %
Weight1,1 kg
Casing dimensions240x125x60 mm