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TP non-intrinsically safe telephone sets have been designed for exploitation in hard industrial conditions with no explosion hazard, including mining plants, (extensive humidity, noise, dustiness).
Thanks to the casing resistant to different atmospheric conditions and to lound calling signal, TP telephones can be used in:
  • methane free mines
  • production plants
  • shipyards
  • garages
  • warehouses
  • construction sites
  • breweries


With the standard analogue equipment of telephone exchanges of any type.

Power supply

From subscribers’ equipment of analogue telephone exchanges.

TP technical data

Polarity of the subscriber's lineany
Direct current resistancemax. 600 Ω
Input impedance600 Ω
Local effect attenuation coefficientmin. 13 dB
Calling signal loudness levelmin. 90 dB from 1 m distance
DiallingPM / DTMF
Numbers memoryredialing up to 32 digits
direct access memory - 3 x 16 digits
indirect access memory - 10 x 16 digits
Optical calling signalvisible from long distance
Casing protection degreeIP65
Dimensions340x195x110 mm (without the receiver)
340x195x180 mm (with receiver)
Weightca. 2 kg
Operating temperatures rangeod -40 do +40 ° C
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